Danny Murcia is the brilliant mind behind the new bilingual rock trio from LA known as El Mañana. He is an artist with striking depth, making his new single all the more apt. The debut from El Mañana is called ‘Gota en el Mar,’ an enduring shoegaze track that hovers gently above the water’s surface.

“‘Gota en el Mar’ means ‘drop in the ocean’ in Spanish. It's an image that kept coming up in my writing after finding out I needed a second surgery to treat a recurring stage II seminoma,” Murcia says of the origin of the song. Looking back, he considers himself lucky, but in the moment, his vision was completely obscured a tornado of negativity happening in his head. He translated his experience to this song, which has a slate-like quality to it, reflecting a darkness outwardly but also proving to be a powerful, guitar-driven number. Ultimately, couched in all of El Mañana’s noise is both anguish and joy.

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