Wakey!Wakey! is the chamber pop brainchild of Michael Grubbs, well known in his native US, specifically Brooklyn for his combination of bluesy, folky, classically influenced melting pot of a style. The album, ‘Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You’, is set for its UK release on August 1, preceded by the single, ‘Light Outside’, on July 18. It's a cool listen, even if I am going to try hard to block out his stint on One Tree Hill if that's all right with everyone?

So on to the free teaser tune, 'Feral Love'... This track is a pleasant contradiction, from the semi-oxymoronic title, to the laidback, continuously rolling tune against the lyrical tale of dirty sex and bloody shootouts. The backing vocals are used to great effect with the "oh oh oh's" adding a theatrical element to the story of destruction, an effective juxtaposition to Grubb's laconic lead vocals, that even when repeatedly crying, "My love, what have you done?" are more despairing than desperate.

If this song were a colour it would be a saturated golden yellow, with flashes of red. Maybe it's because Summer makes me a sucker for a brass section, but despite it's violent themes, this speaks of lolling on blankets in the local park, drinking beers and dozing off in the afternoon sun. If like me, you're quite suggestible, it'll be to dream vividly of horseback battles and "throwing down" my love.