New Zealand-born, Sydney-based Wallace first made waves in the future soul scene last year, when her Frida Kahlo-inspired video for 'Negroni Eyes' turned more than a couple of heads and showcased her multifaceted talent.

Now, Wallace is back with a brand new track, also produced by Godriguez, that consolidates her status as a rising star. 'Raffled Roses' was inspired by a friend of her family who grows flowers back in New Zealand: "Last Christmas he surprised me with a hippeastrum he'd bred and officially named 'Vinyl Skip' (after my first single), and would continue to breed one for each of my singles and is currently working on one for 'Beauty'," she explains. "He and my mum have had a running joke for years that I'm a bit of a heartbreaker (which is definitely fiction haha). I thought the image of raffling off roses was a perfect way to marry his botanical prowess with my apparently 'cold heart'."

Stream the track below, and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting material from Wallace.