Walter Etc., previously known as Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra (a name which had to go "mostly so we don't get sued," according to the band), already put together a terrific EP this year, entitled Always Leaving. But the group is already announcing a brand-new LP, Gloom Cruise, which is due out on August 25 through Lauren Records and the indomitable Philly label Lame-O Records. As part of the announcement, Walter Etc. is also dropping a glorious new single, 'April 41st.'

Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra had grown a bit of a cult following through 2015, as their eclectic instrumentation and immediate charm helped endear them to fans. But a hiatus came in 2015, followed by depression and battles with addiction for some members of the group. When the band eventually reformed under the new Walter Etc. moniker, the wheels were already turning for the record that would become Gloom Cruise.

'April 41st' is a near-perfect realization of the band's work on this record, bringing distinctive vocals, ear worm guitar parts and feel good vibes all under one roof. And by feel good vibes, I mean this is the kind of song you dance to in the rain with your friends on a warm summer night. The fact that 'April 41st' seems to be one of Gloom Cruise's most positive tracks is no mistake either.

“'April 41st' is probably the most light-hearted track on the album," says guitarist, vocalist and primary songwriter Dustin Hayes. "I wrote it initially as a joke about this fake birthday, but later realized I liked how the song was about feeling like an anomaly amongst my peers, and instead of letting it cause anxiety, learning to embrace it.”

You can preorder Gloom Cruise from either Lame-O or Lauren, as well as a cassette from Making New Enemies. In the meantime, stream 'April 41st' below.