Oooo yeah! There's something beautifully nostalgic about this track by Parisian duo Walter Sobcek - maybe it's the robotic vocoder snippets, the far-off saxophone samples, the deliciously '80s digital glockenspiel sounds, the catchy pop vocals, the epic guitar solo… Maybe it's just all of it put together in that French-touch, slo-house style. Anyway, it's called 'Midnight Crush' and it features the slightly Kylie Minogue-esque voice of LA-based singer, Mereki. It sounds like a cascading of past summer jams all flowing together and, as I look out onto the sunlit world outside - with all its promise of hot holidays and fun with friends - I couldn't wish for a better track right now.

And if you want to own this (+ remixes from Synapson, Oxford, Mattanoll and CätCät) you can grab the Midnight Crush EP on iTunes.