PC Music, if nothing else, invokes a strong sense curiosity. A.G. Cook's oddball label has exploded in the last two years, pushing out ever-loving pop oddities like Hannah Diamond's 'Pink and Blue', 'Hey QT', and label alum Sophie, among others. And naturally, the label has earned some heady fans.

During the label's surprise Pop Cube installation (presumably), some fan managed to gather signatures from the label's aforementioned figurehead A.G. Cook, along with Hannah Diamond, Danny L Harle, and Finn Diesel on what is clearly just a plain white T-shirt. And naturally, that shirt has found its way to Craigslist and can be yours for the meager price of $100,000 USD, or, about £63,777. The listing notes that the proceeds will allegedly go to charity, but that claim cannot be exactly confirmed.

Either way, it presents a perfect opportunity to show how in you can truly be, sporting a shirt that is sure-as-hell aggravating to explain to anyone.

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