In 2012, Grimes was still a fledgling pop star who was beginning to garner some pretty huge successes after releasing her 2012 debut album Visions. To celebrate, she took to Ibiza to perform a Boiler Room set at Richard Hawtin's house that was completely unlike anything the night had seen before.

In it, she basically gave a giant middle finger to everyone, playing pop tracks like the Venga Boys, Taylor Swift, and even Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas is You'. That's not the only reason it was legendary, though. In typical Boiler Room fashion, they normally upload videos of the sets after they've aired live - with the exception of Grimes' set. Thankfully, around 500+ people have had enough of it, and they've started a petition on to have what they call “the best set ever played in the history of Boiler Room" to be uploaded. #FREEGRIMES, indeed.

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