Tate Britain's Late At Tate event on the 6th of December will see a host of Warp Records finest artists appearing alongside installations featuring their work.

Attending will be Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, new signing patten and Oneohtrix, with the event showcasing a selection of artworks inspired by Jeremy Deller's 1998 piece 'The History Of The World' - a spider diagram dissecting the similarities between traditional British brass band music and acid house.

Deller will also be in attendance, "reactivating" his seminal 1997 work 'Acid Brass' which involves the recruitment of brass bands in order to play re-enactments of now-anthemic house and techno floor-fillers live.

Other events on the night include more examples of Deller's work and a "tribute to the 808 and the 303".