Richard Luke and Amira Bedrush-McDonald recently combined their respective talents on the piano and violin to write and release a beautiful neoclassical record called Voz. Conceived by Luke when he was unable to speak, the title is ironic; the album features only peaceful instrumental melodies. With the record out since January, Luke now debuts a video for one of the most innocent tracks, 'Washing Day', which you can see exclusively below.

Voz was written last summer when Luke was in Portugal, at a time when brush fires were raging across the country. Many lives were lost in the blazes, making this crisis hard to ignore. Luke siphoned some of his own grief into his music, with tracks like 'Ashes Falling from the Sky' and 'Wildfire' named after the disaster. Initially though, Luke cites the “redemptive” feeling of everyone doing their laundry at the same time as the impetus for his track 'Washing Day'. “I like the idea that mundane, everyday things can also be heartwarming and poignant,” he says.

Animator Claire Lamond connected the dots between these two experiences. Using the silhouettes of some friendly animals, Lamond illustrates ‘washing day’ as it applies to a fallen star, covered in ash from the fires nearby. It takes just a dip in the river to clean, but requires the help from several fauna to finally return it to its rightful place in the sky. Now the gentle track can be considered a parable, preaching a moral of teamwork in order to restore the natural wonder of our world. That’s an idea we can surely use today.