After a two year wait, Washed Out has announced the release of Paracosm, the follow up to the fantastic Within and Without.

Paracosm refers to the phenomenon of people that create fully realized fantasy worlds complete with language, geography, and populations, such as Tolkien's Middle Earth or Lewis' Narnia. Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, explores this concept through his compositions for Paracosm, adding over fifty new instruments to his arsenal, most importantly old keyboards such as the Mellotron.

Directed by Patrick Han, Washed Out unveiled a trailer for Paracosm as well, with wildlife noises and soft plinking keys accompanying trippy, kaleidoscopic imagery.

Paracosm is due on CD, LP, and digital August 12 via Weird World in the UK and Europe, with the North American release on August 13 via Sub Pop.