After the success of 2011 debut Within and Without, Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene, have finally released more details for his second album, Paracosm. Set to be released on the 12th August in Europe and the 13th in North America (on Weird World and Sub Pop respectively), he has given us a glimpse of the art work for the new album, the track list as well as a sneak peek at the direction Paracosm is going with first single 'It All Feels Right'.

If 'It All Feels Right' is anything to go by, Paracosm is going to feel a lot more Californian psychedelic ala Tame Impala than the breezy electronic feel of Within and Without. Not that this is a bad thing; 'It All Feel Right' still feels like it'd be the perfect track to cruise down coast roads with the windows open or even to soundtrack a video of your latest summer holiday as happened with the unofficial video for'“Feel It All Around' from the aptly named 2010 EP, Life of Leisure.

  • 1. Entrance
  • 2. It All Feels Right
  • 3. Don't Give Up
  • 4. Weightless
  • 5. All I Know
  • 6. Great Escape
  • 7. Paracosm
  • 8. Falling Back
  • 9. All Over Now