Brian Fargo of inXile entertainment has announced to backers that Wasteland 2 will be delayed until 2014, however those who backed the game will be able to play the beta of the game in October 2013.

The reason for the delay is so that Fargo and his team have enough time to expand and polish Wasteland 2 further before its release. Fargo did state though that the game will "remain well financed for development, thus allowing us to ship a product without compromise."

Although this delay may be welcomed or hated, there has been recent controversy arising from Tim Schaefer announcing that his $3 million+ backed Kickstarter game, Broken Age, unfortunately won't be ready until 2015 (The "full game" that is) and that 75% of the game would have to be cut to make the release date.

It's maybe a bit of a wake-up call for some Kickstarter projects and the viability and success of the crowd funding format for what is an incredibly expensive entertainment medium.