Eduardo Morais' 2016 documentary about electronic music in Portugal is now available to watch online. Key Tonic (Tecla Tónica in Portuguese) tells the story of the genre from its inceptions in the 1960s, when equipment was expensive and hard to get, until the democratisation of electronica through its use on the dance floor. Among the many interviewees are the likes of José Cid (former member of seminal psych-prog band Quarteto 1111), Fernando Abrantes (former member of Kraftwerk), Carlos Maria Trindade (Heróis do Mar), DJ Ride, and many more.

Key Tonic was sponsored by Jameson and first premiered at Indie Lisboa film festival last year, having subsequently been shown on some selected theatres in Portugal. It has now been made available in full by the director himself via YouTube and, before you ask, yes, it does feature English subtitles. And while you're there, you should check out his other documentaries, notably Meio Metro de Pedra (about rock'n'roll counterculture in Portugal) and Música em Pó (about Portuguese vinyl collectors). All of them are subtitled.