A brand new documentary about the Beatles' seminal album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is hitting the UK theatres later this spring. It Was Fifty Years Ago Today... Sgt Pepper and Beyond celebrates the 50th anniversary of the LP and is due to hit UK theatres on May 26th, with digital and VOD becoming available shortly after, and a DVD to follow in July.

The documentary examines the socio-cultural landscape that came to influence the Beatles' eighth studio album, as well as the band's own creative and personal needs. It features several interviews with the likes of Philip Norman (author of Shout!), Steve Turner (Beatles '66, The Gospel According to the Beatles), their official biographer Hunter Davies, Simon Napier-Bell, and friend and roadie Tony Bramwell, among others. It should be a pretty neat companion to South Bank Show's 1992 episode The Making of Sgt Pepper, which sees George Martin explaining the album's genesis and recording process, though it's doubtful anything new is to be brought to the table at this point.

You can watch a teaser trailer below.