Ahead of their sixth full-length album Clear Language, Austin-based duo Balmorhea have released a video for their single ‘First Light’. Rob Lowe and Michael Muller - wondering what they had left to say after eleven years as Balmorhea - decided to go back to their roots and hone in on a more minimalistic sound that abstained from complexity for complexity’s sake.

For the album they commissioned Paris-based artist Claire Cottrell to create a trilogy of videos that reflected "the unspoken themes of Clear Language". Attracted to the artist’s use of colour and "ability to communicate depth with simplicity and her distinct visual language," the video perfectly mirrors Lowe and Muller’s approach to the album.

In ‘First Light’, a simplistic and beautiful guitar melody dreamingly leads as on a journey down the streets of the Paris neighbourhood Goutte D'Or ("Drop of Gold"). We follow Cottrell as she explores the area rich with influences of its pan-African population whilst being very much set within a Parisian background. The band has further stated: “Our society is as fragmented as it has been in decades and this piece helps us to remember the ways that people of different backgrounds thrive and live together every day."

Clear Language is out on 22nd September via Western Vinyl.