One of my favourite musical discoveries last year was French band GLORIA, whose debut LP In Excelsis Stereo not only got a comfortable spot in my EOTY lists but also kept me craving for more harmony-psych goodness from the Lyon-based sextet.

My prayers have obviously been heard, since GLORIA have just announced they'll be releasing a mini-LP next March via their Paris-based alma mater Howlin' Banana Records and Ample Play Records: Oîdophon Echorama is a collection of six sparkly, kaleidoscopic tracks in their customary Ronettes-on-Acid fashion set to see the light of day on March 9th.

They have also shared the release's first single, an amazingly addictive retro ma non troppo tune called 'The Rain Is Out' whose video you can watch below as a UK premiere. The clip openly distances itself from any previous visual work of the band since it actually stars GLORIA's members, notably the bewitching, siren-like vocal trio responsible for sending all those shivers down your spine.

GLORIA are planning to play their first UK shows next spring, so here's something else to look forward to in 2018.