For Inner Tongue, his journey in music was nearly over before it began. The Vienna-based singer and musician was diagnosed with a rare vocal chord in 2013. The severity of his case meant only a few physicians in the world had the expertise to help him. There was a high possibility he would never sing again. But, after raising the funds, getting the treatment, followed by 8 months of recovery, Inner Tongue was reacquainted with singing once again.

And the 405 is here to premiere another slice of his vocal chops with 'Dig Deeper'.

Inner Tongue had this to say about the track: "I recently bought an old Roland Space Chorus and had a good time experimenting with it in the studio. The moody drum sound I've created with it, was somewhat inspiring, so I recorded a few chords and vocals over it. That's how 'Dig Deeper' started. With the video I wanted to visualise the effortless character of the song. The filming was more like a party with wild lights and smoke. Random fact, at around 2 AM we put on a few Bowie songs and danced to them instead. Some of that also ended up in the video."

'Dig Deeper' is the very chill artsy-party that utilizes electronics for a very natural end. Vienna is known for its electronic music scene, and it obviously had a huge influence on his music.

This is a modern smooth-pop song that takes the best elements of R&B and lo-fi indie. But as much as Inner Tongue is influenced by that, the sublime still calls out to him. So on this Friday, take a little time to get lost in the dreamy haze of Inner Tongue's new video for 'Dig Deeper'.