In recent years, the topic of mental health has been discussed across all aspects of society. Earlier this year, R&B singer Kehlani was admitted to hospital for a suicide attempt and in the aftermath, brought to light the mental health issues musicians can experience. Even in rap, artists such as Isaiah Rashad have chronicled their own experiences with mental health which has since inspired many others to document their own.

Louis VI, rapper and member of UK rap collective Otha Soul, has realised the power art has in conveying illnesses such as depression and how it can manifest in different people. In his latest video, 'Chasing Me', we find the rapper continuously drive down a dark, countryside road seemingly to no end. "I remember the feeling of each day getting darker and darker, me hating more and more, literally looking myself away in my room in the flat I lived in in east London. I was working a semi-legal call centre in a shitty East London office where the toilets didn't even flush and was being rejected left right and centre for every job I paid for," says Louis.

The animation used in the video poignantly conveys the plethora of emotions one can experience at any given moment. "'Chasing Me' is this mental whirlwind of depression and idea that I'm still chasing myself at the age of 24. The graphic designer/illustrator Stella Wan understood the lyrics and vibe immediately and nailed it in one," he adds.