Mark Clennon is our latest R&B go-to.

Currently based out of Toronto, the singer was born into a musical family in Jamaica (his father was a sax player, and his brother was a successful dancehall producer). Listening to the smoothness of his voice and composition, it's easy to tell music runs through his veins.

'Blood' comes off of Clennon's debut EP, When the Smoke Clears, and the 405 is here to premiere the video for said track.

Composition wise, 'Blood' is beat-heavy with distinct roots in Afro-Caribbean rhythmic styles; it's meant to be danced to. Vocally, he never once strains, not even for effect; he utilizes what all voice teachers tell their students: power comes from the diaphragm, not your throat.

In the video, you see Clennon in an abandoned warehouse dancing and singing. You have the warehouse, which represents the composition. It is dimly lit, concrete, with plenty of space to move. It is a solid foundation to hold whatever needs to be put inside, just as the track's composition is sleek and solid, ready to support whatever is sung over it. Then, you have Clennon dancing. While I'm not an authoritative voice on dance styles, just observing Clennon's movements, you can see the choreography is more interpretation than a showcase of flashy moves. Just like his vocals, the power comes naturally.

So, get lost in the video for Mark Clennon's 'Blood' and thank us later for bringing this to your attention.