Last December, The Lost Brothers released The Bird Dog Tapes Vol 1 - a collaboration with Bill Ryder-Jones and the Coral's Nick Power that was recorded on a single day at Liverpool's Parr Street Studios. It featured some originals as well as cover versions of some of their favourite artists, including Townes Van Zandt's 'Mr Mudd and Mr Gold' from the late musician's 1971 album High, Low and In Between, whose video we are happy to premiere here at The 405 today.

"Like Leonard Cohen, for me Townes Van Zandt was a poet who expressed himself through song," Oisin Leech of The Lost Brothers explains. "He needed the lyric to be perfect on the page even before a note of music was heard."

"This is one we did with the whole band set up. Oisin on vocals and guitar, Nick on harmonica, Jack Prince on drums, Bill on electric guitar and I play bass," Mark Mccausland says of the song's recording process, whose release marks the 20th anniversary of Van Zandt's untimely death. "It's one one of our favourite Townes' songs."

The Bird Dog Tapes Vol 1 was produced by Bill Ryder-Jones and also includes covers of the likes of Leonard Cohen and The Beatles. You can check it out via The Lost Brothers Bandcamp page. Watch the video for 'Mr Mudd and Mr Gold' below.