The Magnettes are a fierce trio from Pajala, Sweden. For those keeping track, yes, it is remote, and yes, it is above the Arctic Circle. So, when the sun doesn't rise for half the year, you have to adapt. The Magnettes' brand of "glitter punk pop" is definitely a response to that.

For those unfamiliar with the band, The Magnettes' mission statement might help: "Say what you want to say. Do it as loud as you want. Be different, be weird, be ugly, be too much, fuck as much as you want and question everything."

On 'So Bad', there's a push and pull between punctual beats and a woozy bass. The chorus melody is anthemic in its own right, but when the music blossoms, it never fully opens up. That is left to the lyrics, which focus on the double standards when it comes to sexuality and just having a kick-ass weekend.

And now there's a video. And this video is not attached with a paper clip, it is embedded in the music itself. The trio - Rebecka Digervall, Sanna Kalla, and Tomas Backlund - use their screen time to invite you to be their partner in crime in smashing the patriarchy one party at a time. For instance, there are several times the camera gets a close up of a grinning mouth while their tongue runs along their teeth. While this is deemed sexual in nature by popular culture, The Magnettes find a way to flip that around. I see it as a fuck you. I see it as an animal baring its teeth- a dare that can only result in failure on your end.

So, take some time to sit back and enjoy The Magnettes' video for 'So Bad':