Adult Karate is the moniker of K.C. Maloney. With a home base in LA, the singer, songwriter, and producer released his debut album, Del Mar on August 3rd.

Adult Karate and the songs on Del Mar took shape as Maloney experimented with various genres. But no matter the influence - new wave, post-rock, and underground dance music - a darkness is always in tandem with the pop flourishes and polish.

This sugary dread is best represented in Adult Karate’s new video for the title track, ‘Del Mar’. And of course, The 405 has that video premiere for you.

To listen to and watch ‘Del Mar’ is to process addiction, depression in real time. In the video, the protagonist learns they have a poison ivy rash. A steep overreaction and subsequent loss of hope leads him to toss his rash cream and give away all his possessions in a melodramatic fashion. With an explicit shot of death by suicide, the ill protagonist takes the only concrete action they see left.

The dark humour is necessary. Satire as a coping mechanism is necessary for many. As Maloney says, “I can vouch for the fact it often feels like the only way out is death. But this is not true at all. There are many options for treatment and recovery from alcoholism and addiction. It’s not a death sentence at all. Even now that I am sober and in a really good place, sometimes I struggle with depression as well. And when you’re in it, it also seems hopeless.”

Satire isn’t as strict as “poking fun”. It’s revealing the bare inconsistencies and weaknesses of humanity that link us all. Desperation is universal. Every day lived is a lifetime and you do die and are born new but no different, often times worse until new action is introduced. And it is laborious.

But the labour isn’t yours alone to bear. Maloney states, “This video is my way of…shining a light on how your brain is very capable of tricking you into a false sense of hopelessness, but that there is always hope and the chance for recovery." Watch the video below.