Day in, day out, Angel Haze continues to blow minds. Sure, her 30 Gold series isn't every day anymore, basically releasing whenever she can get around to it, but I'm not all too fussed when she produces something like she has today. Instead of freestyling over a song, or covering a recent pop hit, Haze has stripped everything back and also gone visual.

Other than Corinne Bailey Rae playing somewhere in the background, this is as raw as you're going to get. A spoken word poem directed at a former lover who left her heartbroken, Haze staring into the camera as she recites, with equal measures of heartache and venom, her message to whoever this lover who scorned her is. You can see the anger and pain in her eyes as she spits the words out with no less ease as if she'd had a backing track. It's raw, it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention, it's what we never expected from this series but are glad exists.]

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