Head out to any club playing 'indie' or 'alternative' music (however much of a blanket term those genres seem to be as of late) and it's almost a guarantee that they'll spin The Killers' breakout single 'Mr. Brightside' once. It's cemented itself as one of the biggest songs of the 2000s and everyone from your best mate to your grandma is at the very least familiar with it, and probably digs it quite a bit. The London/Cambridge based outfit Animal Music have done what some might consider a pretty risky move by covering them iconic track, and they certainly do it justice. In a press release, they explained why they chose the track:

One of our favourite tracks in the world is Mr Brightside by The Killers. We really wanted to take some of our favourite songwriting and rework into the Animal Music production style. Given that this is such a loved and iconic piece of music to start with we are aware that this is a bold move. A Marmite move. Maybe even a kamikaze move. However music and art isn't about playing it safe and we love what we have ended up with.’

That reworking now has a brand new music video, which was written and directed by OuterOrbit. It teaches us a few things about the band, namely that they're pretty shit at applying makeup, but also that they know how to have one hell of a great time and have some pretty killer dance moves. It's a cute, quirky video for a fantastic cover, and you can watch it below!

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