While Montreal's goofy-haired R&B sexologist The Weeknd wasn't the most prominent figure at last night's MTV Video Music Awards, the singer did unofficially cap off the show (which included a performance of 'Can't Feel My Face') with a two-part commercial for Apple Music.

The first part of the commercial aired during the event, which features a "post-performance" Abel Tesfaye moving through the backstage of what is purported to be the VMA's. After passing by a series of congratulatory on-lookers, including A$AP Rocky, Tesfaye finds a limo waiting for him just a few paces away from a burning wreck. After turning on Beats 1 Radio, which is of course talking about him, he heads to his own playlist while a confused John Travolta (driving the limo) asks where he's going.

Sticking with his playlist, Tesfaye arrives at an ambiguous party in the second part of the advertisement, which premiered immediately after last night's award ceremony. The lights, mood, and pace changes with every seamless shift on Tesfaye's iPhone, which controls everything. The advertisements are the latest in a revamped series of promotions from the media giant, which has been dealing with some not-so-great immediate results after the launch of Apple Music.

Watch both commercials and The Weeknd's performance of 'Can't Feel My Face' over at MTV.