I'm not sure if the goal of this new Austra video was to give me nightmares, but I think it may just do that. The video is for 'Hurt Me Now' off of the sextet's latest album Olympia and it's strange as all hell. It was directed by M. Blash, who directed indie movies such as Lying and The Wait, in addition to music videos for The Drums, Owen Pallett, and Austra's previous video for 'Lose It'. So it would make sense that he chose to work with them again for 'Hurt Me Now' that takes place in an abandoned dancehall filled with strange creatures.

A neon green spirit monster seems to haunt the entire video, and when four models enter with "S.O.S." signs are when things start to get even stranger. Katie Stelmanis' vocals shine through this whole dystopian mess, though, making it something oddly magical. Dazed have the premiere.