As part of Lincoln's "Hello Again" campaign, Beck and visionary director/inventor Chris Milk premiered the utterly stunning, incredibly in-depth reworked version of David Bowie's 'Sound and Vision'.

The cover, which is available below in its near-ten minute entirety, is acts as the centerpiece to Milk’s engrossing 360-degree interactive experience.

Using a massive 170-piece accompanying group, including an orchestra and a bevy of backup singers, Milk’s experience allows the user to look inside the creation of the piece beyond any previously seen limits. Sounds are captured as a whole for the performance, but users can investigate a myriad of angles, allowing them to track the subtleties of the final product.

Head over the Lincoln's site to see what all the fuss is indeed about, but the high-definition version may take some time to load.

As for Beck, his "Song Reader" project will be the focus of an exhibit at the Los Angeles Sonos Studio from February 21st to March 24th. For those unfamiliar with the user-friendly project, "Song Reader" allows anyone to submit their own interpretations of the music presented (see for yourself here). The exhibition will allow others to use provided instruments to create their own versions in the studio as well.

Check out the site for more information.