What's at the top of the list when you're buying new headphones? Sound quality, right? After all, there's no point forking out hundreds for a pair that'll just drizzle tinny highs and muffled lows into your brain. Fortunately, Philips have solved that before you even need to worry – the CitiScape range delivers crisp, hi-fi sound; indulge in booming, earthquake basses and neurosurgeon-precise trebles. Oh, and you won't have to raid your overdraft either. Bonus.

Crucially, it's not just the sound quality that pushes these headphones above the middling rest. Philips have jammed memory foam and air-quilting into the CitiScape range, meaning that you can wear them for hours without feeling like your ear canal has blistered or the apex of your noggin is worn bald. The earpieces morph to the shape and folds of your face, giving the headphones a remarkably natural feel which allows for regular and prolonged use. The pros are twofold, as the seal created allows you to get into a focused zone – ambient dross is eliminated and no one will ever know what you're listening to. So, if you fancy whacking on Will Young's greatest hits, you can do so safe in the knowledge 'Evergreen' will never slip from the protective bubble.

Perhaps the best way to test out these bad boys is to soak in the sonic knick-knacks that Philips proffer on YNTHT (their Noisey collaboration). Featuring a blend of de rigueur tracks, remixes and clips and the most cutting-edge art music projects, you can explore the furthest frontiers of the CitiScape range's capability.

Check out the below video, featuring Bill Ryder-Jones create a found-sound cut from noises he bought, bargained and stole from the streets of Liverpool. Slink into a comfy chair and absorb clarion trumpets, Nils Frahm/Hauschka-type olde theatre keys and the ambient drone of railways. Even if you've not got your Philips headphones yet, it's still a cool way to spend the next five or so minutes.