Like it will for most people, my mind immediately turned to Bon Iver when I hit play on Coldplay's new single 'Midnight'. But not to any particular song, it went to a night just over two years ago, the night Justin Vernon took to the stage at the 2012 Grammy Awards to reluctantly accept an award for Best New Artist. On that night Vernon, took a moment to thank all the "non-nominees that have never been here, and never will be here."

Coming from anyone else that would have sounded like a pretty dickish thing to say, a Kanye level statement of self-importance. But Vernon's an indie guy to the core, and it's easy to understand exactly what it is he meant. He was thanking all of the acts that, for no reason at all, will never have the luck he's had, and never get to hold a little golden representation of all their hard work, simply because they're not a known name. Basically he was thanking pretty much everyone except Coldplay.

Well, not Coldplay exactly, just what they've come to represent, a kind of middle-of-the-road band that are constantly rewarded only because of longstanding ubiquity. There's nothing wrong with their music really, it's just hard to care about, and that makes Chris Martin and co's shiny new sound even more baffling, it makes them sound like Indie Rock carpet baggers.

The sparse soundscape and rising falsetto is uncomfortably close to Vernon's work. It's hard to imagine who this is exactly for, there's no arena pleasing bombast, or agreeable chorus' for the legions of Coldplay fans worldwide. It just sounds like Martin living out his wood cabin fantasies. Coldplay are moving their career forward on the back of the work of others, and they'll probably still sell a ton of albums. That's part of what Vernon was getting at, there's no risk in their work. They'll get as many acceptance speeches as they want. I just hope they'll have the decency to thank the right people.

Watch 'Midnight' below.