Baltimore-based artist, Dan Deacon has released a brand new track 'Change Your Life (You Can Do It)' and the video to accompany it. Although the track has been a part of Dan's live show since the start of the year, it now gets its official release with a euphoric video, directed by Ben O'Brien.

"Sometime in late 2015 a good friend and long time collaborator, Dave Hughes, asked me to write a new song for the New Year's Eve episode of his show 'Off The Air,'" Dan says. "The theme for the show was ‘NEWNOW’ and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I was going through some pretty heavy shit at the time and was very depressed, confused and alone. The theme helped me realise I was in a transitional phase of my life and to try to pull myself together and remove the aspects of life that I was in conflict with. Writing the song became an opportunity to motivate myself to change myself. After I started writing the synth parts I realized I wanted the vocals to also be all synthetic and for the lyrics to be a series of simple but empowering mantras to motivate."