El Guinchio has delivered the manic new single and its accompanying video from his forthcoming third album, Hiperasia. After enlisting help from Tame Impala's director CANADA, the Barcelona-based musician and his new collaborator brought to life the exciting single 'Comix.'

"Comix' started with a beat I sent María (Mala Rodriguez) in 2015. It was on a folder with a few other sketches I recorded for her. I stumbled on it that summer and really digged it. I improvised my bars using a sort of obsolete rhyme structure, trying to fit the lyrics into a rigid scheme, rhyming with the letter 'i' can feel a little uncomfortable in Spanish, but keeping it fresh and a bit cocky too. I sent it to María and she recorded a great melody, very versatile, that allowed me to modify the harmony and make the song catchier while keeping the structure weird—something that felt like a radio freestyle, which is the way I conceived the song the first time," El Guincho told The FADER.

Hiperasia is out on February 12.