Earlier this month, Emmi released her fantastic new single, 'Talk To Me', and today she unveils an acoustic recording of her performing it with just keyboard and vocals. No, come back, it's brilliant - honestly!

"The actual record is so bold and empowering to listen to but, underneath all the bravado, there is a certain sadness and helplessness to the lyric", she tells The 405. "I wanted to strip the song right back to its bare bones and allow that feeling to come through."

When asked about the story behind the song, Emmi says: "When I started writing 'Talk To Me' it was essentially an anti-gossip anthem. I wanted to write about that feeling you get when people get you wrong, or when mistruths are spread about you behind your back. It's about wanting to be heard. Or, if nothing else, asked."

But as the song was taking shape, Emmi began to realise that the issue she was tackling here could extend much further: "Distorted ideas are spread about not just individuals but groups of people every day", she says, "resulting in all kinds of 'isms'. But if prejudice is as they say, a result of fear of the unknown, then surely there is a simple solution here. Go find out! Ask. Talk. I think it was Maya Angelou who said "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." That, right there, is one of the reasons I became an artist. To give a voice to those stories. I hope 'Talk To Me' does that for someone, somewhere. Whether they are a kid in the throes of high school gossip chains, or someone tackling matters of deep-routed prejudice. I wanted to leave it open enough to work on all levels."

The live video was shot in the studio of Emmi's friend, Jon Kelly (he engineered Kate Bush's 'Wuthering Heights', don't you know!), and the chap on the keys is Graeme Heerden.

'Talk To Me' is out now on Emmi Music.