How visually stunning is this? Filmed in Capetown, and co-starring legendary South African writer Sindiwe Magona, ‘Grandmother,’ is New Zealand-based beatmaker and vocalist Estère’s tribute to the mother of her father, the grandmother she never met.

Opening on an expansive sand dune, it depicts a linen-clad Estère and Sindiwe (standing in for Estère’s grandmother) wandering through a series of intensely beautiful landscapes turned dreamscapes. The seaside, lush green hills, and the dunes, all set against skies that fluctuate from deep purple to rich blue. Set against shuffling percussion, woozy bass pulses, Estère’s ascendant vocal, and some pitch-bent synth tones on the coda, as a total package ‘Grandmother’ is reflective and inspiring work of art from a talent still on the rise. Check out her recent mini-album My Design here.