Although we're still a while off from the release of London quartet Fassine's debut album Dialecktik, which should be out in 2016, we're already super excited for it if it's even half as strong as its lead single 'Sunshine'. Don't be fooled by its seasonally appropriate title, however - 'Sunshine' is a much darker affair, an industrial track marrying hints of Trent Reznor's influence with a more cinematic tint. They say it was inspired by TV dramas in the 70's and 80's in all their cold, indifferent, and at times almost oppressive glory (if you can call it that).

The visuals are filled with that same darkness - the light in my room actually went out as I was typing this piece for some reason, but it's a perfect video to watch by candlelight with its movie-like qualities. It exudes loneliness, as the protagonist is lit by a single light in a dark, isolated room almost as if she's being held captive. Their vocalist Sarah Palmer explained the clip a bit more in-depth, saying:

The Sunshine visuals represent isolation, not only as a beautiful thing but also a dangerous one'. The video shows the physical and psychological prison that loneliness can hold you in, as well as a euphoric freedom’.

Turn the lights down, light a candle, and watch the 'Sunshine' video below!

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