In the final instalment of All Saints' 'New Music Cities' we're taken into the Swedish seaside town of Gothenburg. A place Jose Gonzales can call home - it's an inspiring insight into the music scene narrated by Gonzales himself.

We find out that pushing boundaries and being self-sufficient is at the heart of the Gothenburg music scene -- "Bands from Gothenburg tend to be more daring and provoking than bands from, at least Stockholm. Because of the lack of record labels, you don't have to care here. That gives you a kind of freedom."

We've got an exclusive excerpt of Frida Sundemo's beautiful 'Indigo' for you to check out if you still need selling. Highlighted by the echoing church acoustics, her gliding voice is complemented by her equally effortless guitar strumming. For Sundmeo, it's obvious that this all comes very naturally.

Watch her spine-tingling performance below, along with the full documentary.