"There are, I think in general, 2,500 abandoned cities in the world; empty places, abandoned places, or places that have been built but never used," German composer Hauschka explains in the preview for his newest LP Abandoned City.

"You forget about time, you forget about people around you," he continues, this time discussing the concerning contrast between the album's key elements and his constructive process. It's a deep, seemingly ambiguous approach from the Dusseldorf native, who's Abandoned City will mark the 11th studio LP from his catalog since 2004.

The intricate recording methods of Hauschka are seemingly maddening. For the new album, exclusively constructed around his modified piano, Hauschka recorded with nine microphones: six for clean recording, and the other three to add extemporaneous elements to the already rich sounds. The other added elements, he goes on to explain, came from the extra mixing he added.

"Most of the songs were played on one piano," he says. "I was mixing as I played. If I needed more piano, I overdubbed with another twiddling of effects. All the sounds – harp, balafon, Melodica, drums - are produced by the keyboard."

Watch the Abandoned City segment below for a more personal preview. The album is set for release March 17th and 18th on City Slang and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes.

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