Heavy Lungs are a Bristolian punk band who, having played a clutch of enthusiastically-received shows late last year with Metz and Idles, are due to release an EP - Abstract Thoughts - on February 2nd.

Opener ‘Poster Boy’ doesn’t pull any punches and vocalist Danny Nedelko immediately marks his territory out as combative and fiery yet indifferent. Straight out of the '80s punk playbook, Heavy Lungs' backline are the heavyweight bass and drums combo of James Minchall and George Garratt, who rip with the tightness of a band who have been slugging it out on tour for many years. With these unshakable foundations, guitarist Oliver Southgate and Nedelko have the room that they need to chuck paint all over the canvas with abrasive feedback squalls and guttural shouts respectively.

‘Stutter’ is punctuated with an interesting tension - Graham Coxon-esque guitars bend their way through the verses and hints towards everything bubbling over don’t come to fruition until the song is at the two and a half minute point. As a band setting out your stall under the loose banner of punk in 2018, it’s a gutsy move to not come out of the gate with a two-minute video of your fastest and loudest song. It shows that, for all their suggestion of menace, Heavy Lungs aren’t just here to terrorise venues, cause chaos and be lauded as the next punk overl capable of digging deeper and offering more than might first meet the eye.

Closing on ‘Charmer’, Heavy Lungs have struck an impressive first blow against the weight of expectation hanging over them since the handful of well-received shows. While much of this positive coverage has poised them as a band capable of following in the trail blazed by Idles and Shame - and more recently the excellent LICE and YOWL, Heavy Lungs haven’t just found their feet with Abstract Thoughts, but show that they are already racing to the front of the pack.

Abstract Thoughts will be available via Heavy Lungs’ Bandcamp on February 2nd.