Celebrated musician and all-world songwriter Joanna Newsom appeared, perhaps surprisingly, on a recent episode of Larry King's online talk show Larry King Now, in which she talked about her latest album, as well as teaching the veteran TV personality a thing or two about playing the harp itself.

In the episode, which can be watched in its entirety on Hulu, Newsom also touches base on which fellow current musicians she'd like to work with, of which she names Kendrick Lamar and Dolly Parton. King also asked her to divulge a bit on the meaning of her songs as well, to which she replied, "I don't like to ever say what the songs mean."

On her new celebrated album Divers, she says; "It's sort describing the narrators or lead protagonist or subject of all of the songs. There's some character in each song that is engaged in some version of diving, falling or diving a plane, diving through water, falling through space."

Check out the title track to Newsom's new album below and grab Divers today on Drag City.