This past August, indie-pop singer Julietta released her impassioned debut record, Smooth Sailing; a bold effort, one with shimmering tunes and true pop hypnotism running through its veins. Now the NYC-based songstress is showing off her visually stimulating music video for the album’s title track.

On Julietta’s stirring video, the singer reflects on her upbringing, with flashes of herself as a child shown intermittently. Visually appealing, the video brings an array of translucent colors, mostly dominated by a cool blue. This powerful shade alongside the resilient demeanor displayed by Julietta here brings to mind the themes of wisdom, truth, and depth. The ‘Smooth Sailing’ visual presentation is an apt showcase for a song that’s already powerful, real, and deeply heartfelt.

Here’s what Julietta shared with The 405 on the making of the video:

“This video is super special to me. I got to work with Harper Hayman as the younger version of myself, and Lissy Laricchia as the director and cinematographer. I love Lissy’s work and was so excited when she agreed to create this video with me. I wanted to interact with the young Julietta on camera as my past self-facing my present. Nurturing and caring for the younger me. It’s super important and therapeutic to nurture the younger version of yourself in order to heal and move on :). As much as the video was made to portray that process, it also was super healing to make. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!”

The sleek track steers through a sea of gleam pop with Julietta’s honest lyrics serving as the anchor. The story, like many of her songs, is inspired by her turbulent adolescence in New York. ‘Smooth Sailing’ offers a sultry yet sophisticated resonance that brings the singer/songwriter’s penchant for contemporary electro-pop into full light.

Julietta will be playing The Hotel Café with Madge in Los Angeles on September 29th. Smooth Sailing is available now via +1 Records.