June 18th is getting closer and closer and, with every passing day, we begin to understand less and less about the enigma that is Kanye West. It's not hard to notice that his latest ego trip is leading him to the heavens, entitling his album Yeezus and recording a song called 'I Am A God'. But it's hard to chastise the guy because he pulls it off with such confidence, as seen with his recent performance at Governors Ball and his absolutely mental New York Times interview.

Today's Yeezus update comes in the form of a short video on his website featuring him recording 'I Am A God' in the studio with a small cameo from Rick Rubin towards the end, who is said to be collaborating with him on the album. No-one really knows quite what West is up to but he just seems to be dragging us along with him on this ego trip ride. With no pre-orders available and one of the most minimalist to the point of "didn't even both" album covers, Yeezus sure is looking like a nice, humble record.

Head here to watch the video.

Watch him perform 'New Slaves' at Design Miami/Basel during Art Basel: