It was only a matter of time before Dr. Dre roped Kendrick Lamar into selling his Beats line, but thankfully this commercial ended up being pretty decent. It'll never make it to the networks at this length, but thankfully YouTube doesn't work like standard TV (that's Television 101, for free).

Anyway, the premise is that the pair are working on a song, but it doesn't feel right so they sleep on it. Kendrick goes to get his hair done and share his music with his friends using, you guessed it, a Beats by Dre speaker. However, A few seconds into the song the bluetooth element of the speaker kicks in, and Kendrick receives a call from Dre suggesting he's nailed the edit (or 'diagnosed' the problem... sorry). I won't spoil the ending, but essentially ignore the 'product' (you're not a teenager with terrible taste, so you have no business thinking about buying them anyway) and enjoy a few snippets of a new song from Kendrick.

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