It's somewhat difficult to give Kojey Radical an official title. Musician? Wordsmith? Poet? Rapper? These all feel like really inferior labels when you take in his true talent and accompanying art pieces, whether it be in visual or audio format. Whatever he is, he is quite likely the only one of "that", doing it to the best of his abilities.

It's been a while since we've had a substantial project from this Wast London-based talent (two years in fact), but his musical sabbatical comes to an end later this month with the release of his long-awaited 23 Winters EP; the date of which remained a closely guarded secret until his sold out headline performance at London's Oslo back in January.

As previously announced, 23 Winters incorporates "a series of conversations he has with his father," speaking from a place of frustration " he encapsulates his growth and shines a light upon difficulties he's faced that have shaped his outlook on life." We're excited to confirm that Kojey Radical will release his 23 Winters EP on February 23 and will include his upcoming single 'Kwame Nkrumah' which is due to be released imminently.

"Everything I create is everything I want to be remembered for. The sleepless nights, the decline in my sanity, the rise in my self-belief," explains the artist. "It's been two years since my debut project and since then I've gained a much greater understanding of my worth and the strength of my dedication. I made a promise to my dad and to myself that I will carve my name on any stage, any song, any piece of art I create and make sure my legacy is cemented in excellence. I have no intentions of letting him down."

Watch the announcement from Kojey's sold out 23 Winters show below.