There is nothing more complex than love. There is nothing more fulfilling than nurturing love. There's nothing more destructive than toxic love. Kojey Radical pulls back the blind on intimacy in his new video for '700 Pennies,' which was directed by The Rest.

“For me it’s important that all people can identify themselves within aspects of my music," he said. "I am liberated through my art so it was important for me to challenge some of the confinements of hyper masculinity within hip hop (especially uk hip hop) and incorporate a level of sexual diversity that represented love as a whole. Love is simple, being in love isn’t. It can be distorting and confusing, especially when your young and so rooted to connections and energy. I wanted to create a love song that described my experience of having to love someone at a distance and telling them even if this was my last I would spend it all on you.”