Rather predictably, Madonnas half-time show at the Super Bowl last night was met with the level of controversy which led the NBC and NFL to release statements to the press. Did Madonna reveal a nipple à la Janet Jackson back in '04? Did Madonna make out with Nicki Minaj à la the Britney Spears/TV Awards? No. M.I.A. stuck her middle finger up to the camera for a split second.

Pitchfork ended their news piece on the situation with "What's extra annoying about last night's event [is] that M.I.A. doesn't need these cheap ploys to get her name out there" and "Success might be the best revenge, but being an asshole is forever."

It's hard to tell if the 'controversy' is down to 'Super Bowl googles', or annoyance to a 'cheap ploy', but from our point of view, that's why M.I.A. was drafted in by Madonna. Everyone knew that was going to happen. You can't release a song called 'Bad Girl' on a Friday, and be nice on the Sunday. It just doesn't work like that. The only cheap ploy from M.I.A. recently is agreeing to work with Madonna.