Malena Zavala has probably seen more than you. She's done it all: singer, musician, producer...filmmaker? Why not. The Argentinian singer, raised in London, has no interest in being boxed into an arbitrary niche based on her heritage. Instead, there's no way to quite place her music, capturing all facets of her identity, melded into something truly her own.

Adding to the mixture, Zavala wrote and recorded her debut in Aliso Viejo, California, holing up in a house to write, letting further new surroundings seep into her consciousness. She even chose to name the LP Aliso in tribute to the inspirational locale.

Her latest single, 'A Vision That's Changed', is concerned with stillness and change. As a relationship changes, memories can form a deceptive solitude. "Memories stay the same but people don't, so what if that person came back to me. Would they even be the same? I don't think so, so it's about letting go," Zavala reflects.

Going into detail, she muses, "We wanted the visuals and music to be in conversation with each other to illustrate certain emotions involving self, strength, and intimacy. A mix of inner thoughts and one's surroundings. That’s what really drove a lot of the imagery. It was a wonderful collaboration between a small group of people."

She let go of the usual careful control she takes with how her art is presented, bringing in voices she admired to help shape the video: "Normally I’m heavily involved in the making of my music videos but this time I wanted to take a step back and let other people take over. I met Kaivalya Brewerton last year and got a feeling we’d flow well together. She has a dance and art background so I asked her to direct this video. She actually exceeded my expectations and adding DOP Aidan Zamiri to the mix made it an absolute dream team. He got everything we wanted and recreated it perfectly. The day of filming was a long one but full of focus and support and most importantly we had so much fun making it."

With a slight psychedelic edge, Aliso captures all of Zavala's sides, self doubt battles with defiant confidence, and she reckons with her cultural identity - and the confusion it can create, for others - and, at times, herself.

Check out the dreamy, wistful visuals for 'A Vision That's Changed' below, and listen to Aliso in full today!