Having released his Things Will Be EP only a week ago, Mar is now back with the visuals for EP track 'Spaceship', which we're proud to premiere today.

The clip was directed by his long-time friend and collaborator Robbert Doelwijt, who explains that the video follows a narrative that started with 'Place': "In his video for 'Place' Mar introduced himself as this godlike being. I thought it would be interesting to explore where this being came from and what this spaceship could be. The two explorations came together when I started thinking about the period of roughly nine months in which we're carried through space by our mothers. You need a woman and a man for conception, but our mother's body is the one that actually builds and nurtures us in that time. The sound of this track is just so cinematic. I wanted to tell an intimate and emotional story. So the question I decided to focus on is "What does that feel like? To be created, to be born?" In the video you see Mar struggling as from inception he gets pulled by this invisible string called life. He struggles because he's not prepared, but fortunately, he has his 'mother' there to nurture and help him along the way."

Mar, on his turn, says he "felt the need to hold and support her beyond the distance we faced, our different color or sex. 'Spaceship' to me is creative freedom. To me it doesn't sound like anything else. It has a couple of themes that me and Aston puzzled to connect. All of them parts I love. I hear earth. Heaven. Wavy things. Big African vibes. Close harmony vocals. All which is part of me."

Check out the video for 'Spaceship' below. It's a stunner. Things Will Be is out now.