We first introduced you to Australian musician Mikey Bee, or MT Warning, way back at the beginning of last year when he gave us his cinematic video for 'Midnight Dawn', and since then he's been hard at work fine-tuning his craft and recording his new Petrified Heart EP, which drops this week on 10 July. Today we're beyond thrilled to bring you his brand new video for EP cut 'When It All Bleeds Out', a clip that sees Bee transformed into a well-dressed mime as he was inspired by the French mime, Marcel Marceu:

"One night I was scouring the web for inspo for the song When It All Bleeds Out, and I came across a performance by the French mime, Marcel Marceu. The video synced so well with the song and watching this strange old man quietly invoking his art had a huge impact on me and the lyric in the song. I love theatre... I see music as theatre in my own weird way, and I felt by becoming a character hidden with makeup that I could infuse my performance with something deeper... that I would have to dig deeper to bring the earnestness to the forefront. This video is about the eyes, those windows to the soul, and beyond the makeup, the paint, and the 80's diva performance, it's just a guy searching for his own truth, pleading with his own eyes."

It starts off calm enough, with Bee giving an emotive performance of the track set against a stark-white background (as he himself is decked out in all white), but quickly grows explosive in the most messy and colourful of ways. Watch it below, and pre-order his Petrified Heart EP at the iTunes link at the bottom of the page!