Earlier this year the Liverpool-based art-rock trio All We Are released Sunny Hills, their second full-length album of frenetic, unquantifiable songs that gave voice to their political and worldly views. The band features Luis (from Brazil), Guro (from Norway) and Richard (Ireland), who all met in the unsuspecting English city of London, and found in each other a friendship, bond and dynamic that led to them collaborating as All We Are. Naturally, the questions always get raised: How did you meet? How does the collaboration it work? Was it a natural feeling?

It turns out that amidst the recording of Sunny Hills they captured the process on film, giving a unique and honest insight into the way the threesome live and work as one. Today we have the pleasure of premiering Part 1 of the documentary, entitled 'A Family Away From Home'.

By way of introduction, the band states: “Making Sunny Hills was a really big moment for All We Are. It was an outlet and a way of expressing ourselves in a way we felt we had to do. We wanted to show people where we wrote it, where we are coming from and why Liverpool played such a big part in the record, so we invited good friend and director Jack Whiteley to spend some time with us. This is Part 1 of 3.”

And the director Jack Whiteley adds: "I have the privilege of knowing All We Are personally which put me in a unique position to make this documentary. I wanted to tell their story as I know it, both as a friend on the inside and as a fan on the outside. One of the things that interests me most about them is how their seemingly disparate backgrounds have led them to form such a cohesive whole. They’re one of the most passionate, hard-working and sincere bands that I know, who genuinely care about what they do and the impact it has on people and the world around them. Hopefully these three films will give an insight into their inner workings – both individually and as a whole – the enormous love they have for their adoptive home city of Liverpool and the incredible drive and passion with which they approach their music and live performances."

Watch Part 1 of the documentary below, and if you can, make sure you catch All We Are at one of their upcoming live dates, which are listed beneath.

All We Are tour dates:
31st Aug – 3rd Sept - End of the Road festival, Dorset, UK
1st – 3rd Sept - Electric Picnic festival, Co Laois, Ireland
20th – 23rd Sept – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany
15th Dec – Garaj, Istanbul, Turkey