We need more people in the world like Nadia Tehran, especially in a year that has seen too much narrow-mindedness.

Tehran grew up in a small Christian town in Sweden with her Muslim-Iranian family. Her work via a melange of sonic influences (rap, punk - hers very much a 'musical magpie' approach) is steeped in issues of both the political and personal; a real exploration of identity.

In this video brought to you by Smirnoff as part of their rather fab We’re Open campaign, Tehran met Sian Anderson from Radio 1Xtra where they explore the themes of her work. This ties in perfectly with the We’re Open vibe; what with the campaign celebrating inclusivity and diversity - of course with a bountiful load of creativity to boot. A series very much worth checking out, and one we hope to see more of in 2017 (we need more positivity next year, come on 2017 pull through for us)

“When you lose the boundaries, then anything can happen” she explains in the beautifully shot video, set in places you may well recognise in South London. Watch the video below, and then treat yourself to Tehran’s other music videos after such as her single ‘Refugee‘, shot illegally in Iran.