A very small look at what happened on American TV last night. Did Fallon do something funny with his buddy Timberlake? Did Kimmel get in a fight with Kanye? Did Letterman get someone's name wrong? Is Conan still alive? Which rapper shared their feelings with Arsenio Hall? Find out here!

  • Artist: Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith
  • Track: 'La La La'
  • TV Show: Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • What are they promoting?: Hotel Cabana

Last night British producer Naughty Boy brought Sam Smith with him for his performance to Jimmy Kimmel Live. The two kind of made their names on each other last year with 'La La La', their more tuneful version of this, which as a UK chart topper was the obvious choice for Naughty Boy's US TV debut. It sounded good too, they muscled up the production piece with a live rhythm section, you could even immediately tell who the producer was, even if he was happily letting Smith, who really nailed his hooks, outshine him.

Rating: 7/10

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